Looking Out, Looking in

About the Show

‘Looking Out, Looking In’ is a celebration of the works of our resident artists and our way of saying hello to the community of Guildford and beyond.
Many of the works in the show highlight the act of looking, noticing, and feeling as integral to how artists live and make work. Whether that be looking out into the world, or into oneself, something that is becoming increasingly pertinent in these times of social isolation.
There will be a rich variety of practises on display that range from paintings to photography, video, bargello needlework, 3D printed crafts and much much more! Establishing New House and the Davies Gilder Gallery as a space where everyone can look forward to events and exhibitions which we plan to hold throughout the year.

Artists Exhibiting

  • Charlotte Corden
  • Catherine Guest
  • Helen Bowie
  • ane Upward
  • Will Thomas Freeman
  • Nerrisa Pratt

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